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Simply Unbeatable | More Power in Less Space

Save when you order a 2x475W Maxeon® fixed frame solar panel bundle - all you need* to connect your panel including:


2x 475W Maxeon® fixed frame solar panel - spec sheet

2x 10AWG PV Extension wire (choose length)

2x Victron Energy SmartSolar 100|50 MPPT charge controller - spec sheet

2x 50A marine circuit breaker (surface mount)

1x Victron Energy battery sense

1x pair of MC4 removal tools

2x pairs of MC4 dust covers

*Optional* 1x Victron Energy BMV-712 battery monitor


(* fittings to connect to your battery terminal posts are not included)


Items in the 2x475W bundle will ship in more than one package, seperate tracking numbers will be provided.


*Shipping is not included for the Maxeon fixed frame solar panels.  A crating fee & freight fee are charged extra per order - please see 'Shipping Info' for full details


**Will Call for 475W panels available from Chandler, AZ only


***To request a freight quote ahead of placing an order please click here and provide us with a few details and we will get back to you within 2 business days


Top tip: If the distance of the wire run from the solar panel to the charge controller is for example 30ft then choose a 60ft length of PV extension wire and cut it in half. That way you have 2x30ft lengths with MC4 connectors on one end (to go into the panels) and bare wire on the other end (to go into the charge controller) Note: wire runs are often further than you first think!


How much power will I get? With a 12V system an estimated daily yield for a 2x475W bundle is potentially around 316 amp hours.


Federal Tax Credit Net Price = File & receive the 30% Federal Tax Credit until 2032 more details on our Solar Tax Credits page


Have a 24V/48V system? Need more help sizing your MPPT charge controller? Have other questions on the bundles? Visit our FAQ page or contact us, we're happy to help.

2x 475 Watt bundle

  • 2x 475W Maxeon® fixed frame solar panel bundle includes:


    2x 475W Maxeon® fixed frame solar panel (product page)

    • Dimensions: 80.6"(L) x 40.9"(W) x 1.37"(H)

    • Weight: 50lbs 

    2x 10AWG PV Extension wire (choose length) (product page)

    2x Victron Energy SmartSolar 100|50 MPPT charge controller (product page)

    2x 50A marine circuit breaker (surface mount) (product page)

    1x Victron Energy battery sense (product page)

    1x pair of MC4 removal tools (product page)

    2x pairs of MC4 dust covers (product page)

    *Optional* 1x Victron Energy BMV-712 battery monitor (product page)