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We are here to help answer your questions about going solar aboard your boat and highlight the benefits of choosing SunPower & Maxeon flexible and fixed frame solar panels.  We offer a free consultation and can help you start enjoying clean, quiet & renewable energy aboard you boat. 


We're open Monday to Saturday 830am-530pm, currently we are in Hawaii, contact us by:


Email : 

Live chat : click on the orange speech bubble in the bottom right corner  

WhatsApp : chat using the green speech bubble in the bottom left corner 

Phone : +1 808 825 2670 



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We are very excited to be exhibiting at the Annapolis Boat Show October 12-15 2023 


We have a double booth (O16 & O17) and will be celebrating 5 years running Sun Powered Yachts!


Visit the show website for more info and tickets.

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