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Help PMDP on it's voyage to clean up

There was a recent mini-series by Salesforce looking at Ecopreneurs, all really great episodes, and Episode 11 is about the work of the PMDP team. Click here to watch the 9 minute video.

It's really inspiring and motivates us even more to a) raise awareness of the PMDP within the marine market and b) continue our commitment to support the PMDP with 1% of all our orders going directly to their efforts.

In 2023 PMDP aims to remove over 100 tones of marine debris from the outer Hawaiian islands which is an incredible amount to deal with. It's their hope to 'catch up' on the debris and get to a point within the next few years where their expeditions will be able to 'keep up' with the amount of marine debris.

Enjoy the above video, head to to learn more about their mission. Thank you to all of our customers that have gone solar and sent 1% of their order to PMDP. Here are just a few other ways you can help support PMDP today:

1- share the link to the video far and wide

2- buy some cool merch from their online store

3- visit their website

4- Like them on Facebook

5- Follow them on Instagram

6- Follow them on Twitter

7- Click here to donate

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