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10AWG PV Extension Wire (UL Listed) with MC4 Male Connector and MC4 Female Connector on either end.  Sold in lengths from 3ft to 120ft, select length required.


Designed for outdoor use and is moisture, UV and corrosion resistant.  The PV Extension Wire is 10AWG, using large diameter cable minimizes power loss in your solar panel system.


Top tip: If the distance of the wire run from the solar panels to the charge controller is for example 30ft then choose a 60ft length of PV extension wire and cut it in half.  That way you have 2x30ft lengths with MC4 connectors on one end (to go into the panels) and bare wire on the other end (to go into the charge controller)


Note: wire runs are often further than you first think!  

10AWG PV Extension Wire (choose size)

    • Wire Thickness: 10AWG
    • Stranding: 18
    • Insulation Thickness: 0.075 inches
    • Nominal Outer Diameter: 0.28 inches
    • Approximate Net Weight: 17.54 ft/lbs
    • Ampacity 90°C Wet/Dry: 40A
    • Voltage: 600V
    • Conductors: Fully annealed stranded bare copper per ASTM B3. Class B Stranding
    • Insulation Jacket: Chemically crosslinked polyethylene