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Maxeon® 415W-R (all black) fixed frame solar panel - spec sheet


In stock and ready to ship the Maxeon® 415W-R (all black) solar panels are made with the Maxeon™ Gen III prime back contact cells delivering the highest power output.  They have a black frame and black backsheet giving the panel that "all black" look.  These are a 'residential' panel which means the cosmetic quality of the solar cells is higher than for a 'commercial' panel. Cosmetic quality has no affect on power production. 


The Maxeon 415W-R solar panel is both lead free & Cradle to Cradle Certified™ - Silver 


*Shipping is not included for the Maxeon fixed frame solar panels.  A crating fee & freight fee are charged extra per order - please see 'Shipping Info' for full details


*Will Call for 415W-R panels available from Chandler, AZ, Hayward, CA, San Diego, CA or Oahu, HI


*To request a freight quote ahead of placing an order please click here and provide us with a few details and we will get back to you within 2 business days.  


*Panels ship from Chandler, AZ.  To view some recent freight quotes for Maxeon fixed frame solar panels please click here



How much power will I get? With a 12V system an estimated daily yield for a single 415W-R panel is potentially around 135 amp hours.


Which MPPT controller do I need for a single panel?


-12V system, a Victron 100|50 as you could see up to 29A-36A from the controller.


-24V system, a Victron 100|20 as you could see up to 15A-18A from the controller.


-48V system, not suitable on it's own with a 48V system.  Would require 2x415W panels wired in series to a Victron 100|20 as you could see up to 15A-18A from the controller.


How are fixed frame panels shipped? Click here to read our blog post for more details.


Federal Tax Credit Net Price = File & receive the 30% Federal Tax Credit until 2032 more details on our Solar Tax Credits page 


Looking to wire up multiple panels and need more help sizing your controller? Have other questions on the Maxeon® 415W-R? Visit our FAQ page or contact us, we're happy to help.

Maxeon® MAX3-415W-R