Simply Unbeatable | More Power in Less Space

The 170Watt flexible panel is the newest product in the E-flex Series and is made with SunPower® 25% efficiency Maxeon™ Gen III prime back contact cells. 


This is the largest flexible solar panel available with SunPower® Maxeon™ cells, all other OEM manufacturers are restricted by SunPower to making a flex panel no greater than 150W. 


SunPower® flexible panels deliver the highest power output and the highest charging capacity in their product class - more power in less space.  SunPower® panels are constructed with top-grade, lightweight polymer materials, allowing for easy transport, installation and panel flexing up to 30 degrees. 


Net Price = $314.50 after filing & receiving the 26% Federal Tax Credit in 2020 (saving you $110.50 per panel)  More details on our Solar Tax Credits page


Have any questions on the SunPower® 170W?  Visit our FAQ page or contact us, we're happy to help.


*Solar panel tariff: Despite SunPower being granted an exclusion from the solar panel tariff on imported solar panels to the USA this was for certain size panels.  The 170W panel is still subject to a tariff as it falls in the bracket of panels sized from 120W-320W.  The tariff has already been included in the retail price.

170 Watt

SKU: SPR-E-FLEX-170 6x8

    • Dimensions: 45.4"(L) x 31.9"(W) x 0.1"(H) (0.8" including J-Box)

    • Weight: 6.3lbs - Lightweight, Portable & Easy to Stow

    • Rated Voltage (Vmpp) 29.4V | Rated Current (Impp) 5.84A - Powerful

    • Flexible up to 30 degrees - Suitable for Irregular Surfaces

    • 48 High efficiency (25%) monocrystalline Maxeon™ Gen III prime solar cells - More Power in Less Space

    • Premium cosmetic quality

    • Junction box with by-pass diode has IP67 protection- Robust Design, Water & Dust Proof!

    • 17.7" long cables (12AWG) with PV4-S Connectors (MC4 compatible) - Reliable & Safe with IP68 Protection

    • 6 x 316 Stainless steel grommets -  Diverse Installation Options

    • 5-Year power & 2-Year product warranty (no salt water exclusion) - Backed by SunPower

    • Solar cells are made in the Philippines.  Panel is assembled in France

    • Individually packaged & protected for shipping. Includes safety & installation guide