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Freight Quote

At Sun Powered Yachts we are committed to offering only the highest efficiency, fixed frame, DC solar panels available for marine and RV applications.  In stock we currently have three options:



Maxeon® MAX3-415W-R (all black)

Maxeon® MAX3-470-COM 

Maxeon® MAX6-475-COM 


With a few more details from you we can put together a custom freight quote to include panels, crating fee and freight fee. 


If the Freight Quote Form hasn't popped up just yet, please click the button below and we will get back to you within two business days.



410W crated sml.jpg



We wanted to highlight some recent freight quotes to give you a good idea of what freight costs have been recently.  Don't forget these are large, heavy solar panels that are fragile (glass!) and are shipped in a custom, full wood crate (also heavy!) 

As you can see it's often not much more to ship 2 panels than 1 panel, or 4 panels instead of 2 panels.  In fact we will often have customers combine orders with a buddy boat in the same marina to help reduce the per panel freight costs.

It's worth noting that delivery to a business address will reduce the cost around $50.00 and if the business also have a loading dock or forklift available for unloading that can reduce the cost around another $50.00. 


Sometimes we can also offer the option of collecting from the nearby freight terminal which can also help reduce the cost.

panel freight comparison.png
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