SunPower® Fixed Frame Panels

At Sun Powered Yachts we've worked hard to set up a channel with SunPower to make some of their fixed frame DC solar panels available for marine and RV applications.  As a SunPower Authorized Dealer we're pretty excited that this has come together and can offer the SunPower® X-Series 350W, 370W & SunPower® A-Series 410W solar panels.  Why not enjoy even more power if you have the 'roof space' available.    

SunPower A-Series logo
SunPower X Series

Built with Maxeon™ Gen 3 solar cells, delivering up to 22.7% efficiency and up to 370 watts. 

Built with SunPower's newest Maxeon™ Gen 5 solar cells, delivering up to 22.3% efficiency and the world’s first 400W panels.



370 Watt

SunPower A-Series 410W


410 Watt

SunPower X-Series solar panels


350 Watt

(all black)

What are the new A-Series?

The SunPower® A-Series AC panel for residential & commercial projects was launched in March 2019, but the new SunPower® A-Series DC panel was made available from March 2020.  Both panels are built with Maxeon™ Gen 5 solar cells which are 65% larger than prior generations, converting more sunlight into electricity.  Set a record of your own with the world’s first 400-Watt solar panels, providing more power than ever before from fewer panels aboard your boat.  

  • Dimensions: 72.2"(L) x 40.0"(W) x 1.57"(H)

  • Weight: 37lbs

  • Rated Voltage (Vmp) - 40.0V 

  • Rated Current (Imp) - 10.2A

  • Open-circuit voltage (Voc) - 48.2V

  • Short-circuit  current (Isc) - 10.9A 

  • 66 High efficiency (22%) Maxeon™ Gen 5 prime solar cells 

  • Junction box with by-pass diode has IP68 protection

  • 52" long cables (12AWG) with PV4-S Connectors (MC4 compatible)


SunPower A-Series 410W

  • Dimensions: 61.3"(L) x 41.2"(W) x 1.8"(H)

  • Weight: 41lbs

  • Rated Voltage (Vmp) - 59.1V 

  • Rated Current (Imp) - 6.26A

  • Open-circuit voltage (Voc) - 69.5V

  • Short-circuit  current (Isc) - 6.66A 

  • 96 High efficiency (22.7%) Maxeon™ Gen 3 prime solar cells 

  • Junction box with by-pass diode has IP65 protection

  • 52" long cables (12AWG) with PV4-S Connectors (MC4 compatible)



  • Dimensions: 61.3"(L) x 41.2"(W) x 1.8"(H)

  • Weight: 41lbs

  • Rated Voltage (Vmp) - 57.3V 

  • Rated Current (Imp) - 6.11A

  • Open-circuit voltage (Voc) - 68.2V

  • Short-circuit  current (Isc) - 6.50A 

  • 96 High efficiency (21.5%) Maxeon™ Gen 3 prime solar cells 

  • Junction box with by-pass diode has IP65 protection

  • 52" long cables (12AWG) with PV4-S Connectors (MC4 compatible)


SunPower X-Series solar panels

Cradle to Cradle Certified

SunPower marine solar panels

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ - Bronze


SunPower has the prestigious honor for sustainable manufacturing of the Maxeon™ A-Series,  & X-Series Solar Panels – the world's first solar products to be Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze.    

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ is a globally recognized measure of safer, more sustainable products made for the circular economy.  Visit 

Which charge controller do I need?

The SunPower fixed frame panels we would suggest having connected to their own MPPT charge controller, particularly when connected to a 12V battery bank:


350W - Victron 100|30          370W - Victron 100|50        410W - Victron 100|50  

Victron Energy MPPT controller

Where are these available?

Sun Powered Yachts can now sell the SunPower® fixed frame 350W, 370W & 410W panels direct to customers planning to use them on their mobile applications (such as boat or RV).  Visit our shop for more product info or just let us know where you are located and a few details about your planned install by completing the Enquiry Form below and we can discuss your installation further.



We still highly recommend that you consult with a local professional for the install as the panels require much more consideration & a level of expertise during the install for a number of reasons including increased panel weight (up to 41lb) and increased voltages (up to 69.5V).  You will likely benefit from a professional installation by a company with the knowledge & experience to do so.  Below are a few companies that we recommend:

NAOS Yachts

13555 Fiji Way

Marina Del Rey

CA 90292

T: +1 310-821-8446



Maz Ocean

850 NE 3rd St. Suite 109

Dania Beach

FL 33004
T: +1 954-767-4799



Upgrade Marine

955 Harbor Island Dr.

Suite 120, San Diego

CA 92101
T: +1 619-518-5685



Just Catamarans

850 NE 3rd St. Suite 207

Dania Beach

FL 33004

T: +1 954-589-2343



Spirit Marine Services

3300 Powell St


CA 94608

T: +1 910-274-4884



Marine Electric Systems

326 First St. Suite 400


MD 21403

T: +1 410-263-0807