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This MC4 removal tool is sold as a pair and made by TE Connectivity, who makes the junction box and MC4 compatible connectors you will find already on your SunPower solar panels (flex & fixed). 


MC4 connectors have been industry standard for a while now and designed so that once they 'click' together they cannot be accidentally pulled apart.  You will need one of these tools to disconnect your panels should you want to take them down and stow them away.   These tools can also be used as a pair when assembling/disassembling your own MC4 connectors to PV wire.


Note: not all MC4 removal tools you see online are the same size and as such they may not fit the SunPower solar panel MC4 connectors.  This tool will fit all SunPower panel MC4 connectors.

MC4 disconnect tool (pair)

SKU: 2232232-1
    • New & high quality made by TE Connectivity
    • 4.5"(L) x 1.3"(W) x 0.8"(H)
    • Color - Yellow 
    • Sold as a pair
    • Used for disconnecting panels and also assembly/disassembly of MC4 connectors