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Frequently Asked Questions

At Sun Powered Yachts we understand you will likely have some great questions about marine flexible solar panels, the SunPower difference and how you can install a SunPower/Maxeon solar system on your yacht. 


We hope that you will have found a lot of great info so far and can also use the FAQ page as a good resource.  Scroll down, or click on the search icon and type what you're looking for, to find out more. 

(Note: see if we're available on chat to answer your question right away and also check back as we're always adding more FAQs to this page.)

Have a question we haven't answered?  See if we're available in chat (green round icon at bottom right) and we'll answer straight away or fill out the form below and we'll get right back to you. 

Thanks for your question, we'll get back to you via email shortly.

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