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At Sun Powered Yachts we hope to inspire and inform yacht owners on the benefits of going solar with SunPower & Maxeon. We're here to answer any questions you may have. 


With a background in sailing & solar, and also from living off-grid for 11 years in Hawaii, we have the knowledge to help you with your solar install.  Find out more about us 

In 2021-2022 we spent 15 months as a family living aboard our sailboat, a Dufour 382 sailing from Corsica to Cancun and more recently to Florida & Bahamas.  An intrepid adventure of over 7,000NM visiting 12 countries along the way.  We're available for solar consultations with SunPower & Maxeon panels in stock in the USA ready to fulfill orders. 

Aloha, Katie & Lyall

+1 808 825 2670

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*At Sun Powered Yachts we only sell premium cosmetic quality SunPower® E-Flex panels. 
Our inventory is warehoused in Arizona, please visit our shipping policy for full details  

We are committed to 1% of your order with us going directly to support the Papahānaumokuākea Marine Debris Project (PMDP) in Hawaii.  On a recent 28-day remote reef cleanup they removed an incredible 86,100 lbs of marine debris!