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Sun Powered Yachts has been an Authorized Dealer of SunPower® E-Flex Series flexible solar panels since October 2018.  New in February 2020 we now also offer the SunPower® fixed frame solar panels for marine applications, click here for more details.  Based on the Big Island, Hawaii we exclusively offer SunPower® high efficiency solar panels which can easily provide clean, quiet & renewable power on any size yacht. 


We hope to inspire and inform yacht owners on the benefits of going solar and are here to answer any questions you may have.  With a background in sailing and solar and from living off-grid for the past 8 years we have the knowledge to help.  Find out more about us.  We're open & offering free solar consultations, have plenty of SunPower E-flex panels in stock already here in the USA and can continue to fulfill orders.   

Let us help you go solar with SunPower.  Aloha, Katie & Lyall



370 Watt

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410 Watt



350 Watt

(all black)

Federal Tax Credits

Sun Powered Yahts

Did you know there are Federal Tax Credits that you could take advantage of for going solar on your boat?  Yes, your boat!  In the USA there are both Federal & State Tax Credits and in  2020 the Federal Tax Credit is currently 26% of the total cost to put your solar system in place (panels, controller, wiring, batteries, labor etc.) 

After filing & receiving your Federal Tax Credit you could save:


170W - save $103.74 | 110W - save $58.50 | 50W - save $25.74

Read more details on our Solar Tax Credits page.

SunPower Advantages

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Premium Cosmetic Quality

At Sun Powered Yachts we only sell premium cosmetic quality SunPower® E-Flex panels.  Our stock is warehoused on the mainland and we offer free shipping on all our store items in the USA.  International shipping is available via to over 200 countries & territories.  Please visit our shipping policy page or email us for more details on international shipping.

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SunPower Advantages

SunPower® E-Flex Installs

SunPower flexible solar panels on RV

Winnebago View

6x 110W

Many of our customers have RV's, campers, tiny homes etc.  Frank recently installed 6x110W SunPower E-flex solar panels on his Class C Winnebago View.  With his young family they plan a summer of fun adventures with no more noisy generator upsetting the neighbors.  Also the flex panels are lightweight & have a low profile which means less drag and more MPG on the road!

SunPower flexible solar panels

SV Delos

2x 170W & 4x 110W

Brian & Karin from SV Delos had to remove one of their fixed frame panels to make space for their internet dome.  To replace the lost power they added 780W of SunPower flexible solar panels.  They released YouTube episode #262, read our news post about the install or head to

2x170W sailors_for_sustainability.jpg

Buchanan 47 ketch

2x 170W

Floris & Ivar are two sailors in search of sustainable solutions as they sail around the world. They're currently in Tahiti and just added 2x170W SunPower flexible solar panels aboard their boat.  They're pretty excited to have more clean power aboard and may unplug at the marina! Visit their website for updates on their journey

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Silent power

Solar panel systems burn zero fuel and have no moving parts. They are clean and silent, producing no atmospheric emissions or greenhouse gases that are harmful to the earth.  Enjoy those quiet anchorages with no more noisy engine/generator running just to charge your batteries.

Sun Powered Yachts

Easy install

The simple and easy installation of SunPower® E-Flex panels on your bimini, dodger, or deck, will reduce costs of adding an expensive davit or custom racking and mounting solution for traditional large & heavy fixed  frame solar panels.

Highest quality

Incredibly reliable and easy to maintain. With no moving parts, visual checks and servicing easily keep systems operating. Solar panels are robust & durable with a junction box designed with a high level of protection from dust & water ingress.

"It made my project

work, thank you..." - Robert

"I tried this project with a lesser quality panel and the project failed because it wasn't efficient enough. I love my new 170W SunPower panel!!  It made my project work.   Thanks Lyall & Katie for all your knowledge in making this work...." - Robert


A bit of a flashback to an interview that Katie did with Ben at the Pacific BoatShow for Episode 10 of 'Out The Gate', a podcast about sailing in the Bay Area.  Read our news post for more details and be sure to check out Ben's 'Out The Gate' podcast for more recent episodes.

SunPower flexible solar panels

10% off LOXX fasteners

with promocode SUNPOWER10 


LOXX fasteners are a great solution for installing your SunPower E-flex panels on a hardtop or canvas bimini.  More details on our install page.

Head to and use promocode SUNPOWER10 for 10% off your LOXX fasteners

Flexible Solar Suitable For Your Boat

Become a more sustainable sailor with SunPower® Maxeon™ cell technology

SunPower® Maxeon™ cells have been designed with superior cell strength and durability which will provide long term performance aboard your sailboat.  Their solid copper foundation resists corrosion and cracking which degrade power production.  The SunPower® E-Flex panels are easy to install, and can be mounted to your deck or bimini.  


Please see some of the useful downloads below and learn what makes SunPower® panels fundamentally better for your boat.

SunPower Eliminates

85% of Solar Cell Failures

Cell failures are designed out with SunPower

With a commitment to innovation and continued R&D  SunPower has designed a solar cell that eliminates 85% of the reasons a conventional cell fails.

The image shows that conventional solar cells lose power over time & fail because of corrosion (45.3%) and breakage (40.7%).

What is a conventional solar cell?

A conventional solar cell is easily recognized by it's thin metal lines across the front of the active solar surface.  This is usually a thin aluminum paste which is porous and easily corrodes over time.

SunPower cells have a thick copper foundation which adds strength and is almost impervious to corrosion.  By having this copper 'back contact' it is protected from any moisture ingress and the effects of thermal cycling (daily temperature swings from day/night) are reduced.   

Breakages are prevented with SunPower's thick, robust inter-connect tabs.  These form the connection between each solar cell and allow for expansion/contraction and a level of redundancy with three points of contact.  Lose just one of the narrow metal ribbons on a conventional cell and the whole cell fails.

Reasons why conventional solar cells fail

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