At Sun Powered Yachts we hope to inspire and inform yacht owners on the benefits of going solar with SunPower and are here to answer any questions you may have. 


With a background in sailing & solar and also from living off-grid for the past 9 years in Hawaii we have the knowledge to help you with your solar install.  Find out more about us 

We're currently in France enroute to join our sailboat (a Dufour 382) in Corsica and prepare to sail the Atlantic as part of the ARC rally.  We continue to offer free solar consultations and have plenty of SunPower solar panels (fixed & flexible) in the USA to fulfill orders. 

Let us help you go solar with SunPower!  Aloha, Katie & Lyall

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Federal Tax Credits

Federal Tax Credits

Did you know there are Federal Tax Credits that you could take advantage of for going solar on your boat?  Yes, your boat!  In the USA there are both Federal & State Tax Credits and in  2021 the Federal Tax Credit is currently 26% of the total cost to put your solar system in place (panels, controller, wiring, batteries, labor etc.) 

1/1/21 - UPDATE: The renewable energy tax credits have been extended as part of a $1.4 trillion federal spending package.  This will keep it at 26% until the end of 2023.

SunPower Advantages

SunPower marine solar panels

Silent power

Solar panel systems burn zero fuel and have no moving parts. They are clean and silent, producing no atmospheric emissions or greenhouse gases that are harmful to the earth.  Enjoy those quiet anchorages with no more noisy engine/generator running just to charge your batteries.

Sun Powered Yachts

Easy install

The simple and easy installation of SunPower® E-Flex panels on your bimini, dodger, or deck, will reduce costs of adding an expensive davit or custom racking and mounting solution for traditional large & heavy fixed  frame solar panels.

Highest quality

Incredibly reliable and easy to maintain. With no moving parts, visual checks and servicing easily keep systems operating. Solar panels are robust & durable with a junction box designed with a high level of protection from dust & water ingress.

SunPower® E-Flex Installs

News & Reviews


Many of our customers have RV's, campers, tiny homes etc.  John recently installed 6x170W SunPower E-flex solar panels on his Class A Tiffin Allegro Breeze.  With his family they're planning a lot of roadtrips.  The flex panels are lightweight & have a low profile which means less drag and improved MPG on the road!

Alex and Agata of SV Trim recently installed 4x100W SunPower flex panels aboard their Del Rey 50.  They have sailed from Turkey to Annapolis and undergone an epic refit. Their adventures will continue with clean & quiet solar power versus a noisy engine or the generator.  Check out their website and find them on Instagram

Check out the latest YouTube episode from The Foster Journey as they install 2x50W SunPower flexible solar panels aboard a Catalina 387.  They're pretty excited to have clean power aboard as they prep for a big sail to Mexico. Visit their website for updates on their journey

"Thank you...

"Lyall & Katie thank you again for your quick and efficient shipping and your excellent product" - John  


We had the best day on the water thanks to Paul Exner and family.  We celebrated Summer Sailstice aboard SV Solstice in Kona, Hawaii.  Sunshine, sailing, swimming & dolphins!  So good to see so many boats on the water and raising their sails.  Check out Paul's website if you are looking to sail an expedition in the Hawaiian islands 

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1% of your order

goes to support PMDP 


We're super excited that from Feb 1st 2021 1% of your order will go directly to help support the Papahānaumokuākea Marine Debris Project (PMDP).  Read our news post to find out more about how together we can help protect the northwestern Hawaiian islands.  You can also click to donate today.

"Humanity is united by the ocean"


SunPower marine solar panels

"So now I generally

don't bother hooking

up to shore power!"

Thanks for all the help in planning my solar project for my boat. The two 170W flexible panels fit well on my Bimini and now I generally don't bother hooking up to shore power.  Although I haven’t had any long trips since my installation I have done a few day trips. And even with fridge, radio, plotters, autopilot and occasional radar it seems that these panels are keeping up with my usage. The advice and service has been great.  Thanks again.



Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469

high efficiency flexible solar panels

"It made my project

work, thank you"

Lyall and Katie are so knowledgeable.  I tried this project with a lesser quality panel and the project failed because it wasn't efficient enough. The SunPower® Maxeon Gen III cells are compact and simply kick out more Volts/Current than all the others on the market today.   And by using the SunPower® panel, everything was smooth and efficient.  I love my new 170W 29V 5.83A panel!!  It made my project work.   Thanks Lyall for all your knowledge in making this work. 


E-recumbent trike & trailer

"Terrific customer service, always responsive"

The process of researching a solar solution for my Beneteau 41 was simplified & clearly understood once I discovered Sun Powered Yachts.  Terrific customer service, patient, always responsive with guidance and products that just work. Being a novice at setting up a solar system, I had many questions along the way, and the team at Sun Powered Yachts were always there to answers my questions and provide support.