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What solar panels does 'Calico Skies' have?

Calico Skies probably has the largest solar array for a 36ft monohull out there! Whilst in Mexico for an extended period on the hard Bill & Grace were able to add 3x410W SunPower fixed frame solar panels as part of a major upgrade to their custom arch/davit system.

Bill & Grace sail their Sabre 36, currently in Mexico

Whilst we no longer have the SunPower 410W panels available, have a look at the Maxeon 415W-R fixed fram panel which has almost the same dimensions.

Check out their YouTube episodes including #177 to see how they got on adding 1,230W (or 1.23kW) of SunPower solar panels. They also have number of smaller SunPower flexible solar panels that all contribute to them being able to crush amps and explore further.

"We made 7.2kWh yesterday out of our panels, what an upgrade!" Bill & Grace

Let us know if we can help you go solar aboard your boat, we offer free consultations and can help you on your way to enjoying clean & quiet solar power. Give us a call on +1 808 825 2670 or email us or click the button below and head to the free consultation.

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