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Does 'Sailing La Vagabonde' have solar?

Maybe you caught a glimpse of some solar panels aboard Sailing La Vagabonde's new Rapido trimaran in their recent YouTube Episode and are wondering what they are? We are super excited to help Riley & Elayna go solar with some Maxeon 470W fixed frame solar panels :)

Sailing La Vagabonde's new Rapido trimaran

We look forward to seeing future YouTube episodes with more details about their Oceanvolt propulsion system and how the Maxeon 470W solar panels will help charge their 48V battery bank.

With the Maxeon 470W panels already rated at a higher voltage than most panels (77.6V) it's possible to run 1 panel to 1 controller for a 48V battery bank - eliminating the need to wire panels in series to increase the voltage. This will get the best performance from the solar panels and offers a degree of redundancy in the unlikely event an MPPT controller fail.

SPR-MAX3-470W (comm) specsheet
Download PDF • 2.50MB

Also aboard their Rapido will be some SunPower flexible solar panels so they will be able to deploy the panels on deck when on anchor to further increase their solar charging capacity.

Do you have an electric boat? Looking to go solar and help extend your range & time on the water? Send us an email or click the button below for more info on the Maxeon 470W fixed frame solar panels

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