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What solar panels does SV Delos have?

Scroll down for latest updates - 1/5/2024

We're super stoked to see the install work coming together aboard SV Delos and they will soon have all SunPower solar panels aboard. With a mix of both fixed and flexible, they will have a combined total system of 1,970W (1.97kW) of clean & quiet solar power. Here's a breakdown of their install:

Fixed: 3x 410W SunPower fixed frame solar panels

Flexible: 2x170W & 4x100W SunPower flexible solar panels

As Delos has a 24V battery bank it means they have a few more options open to them for MPPT charge controllers and wire sizes they can run. It's easier to move power at higher voltages and lower amps as there is less resistance/heat build-up/ wire losses and more power will reach the battery bank.

Brian installing 3x 410W SunPower fixed frame solar panels aboard Delos

Delos is on the hard in Mexico getting some work done and Brian & Karin are planning to sail into the Pacific next season. Unfortunately, the Viasat (internet) dome they had previously installed will not have coverage in the Pacific so it's time for that to come down. That opens up a big gap to fill with a solar panel for some more clean power.

Previous set up aboard Delos

Rather than try to source a panel that fits the space available (LG has stopped making solar panels) it's time for a complete upgrade. So the older 310W LG fixed frame panels are coming down and being replaced with three 410W SunPower fixed frame panels. So that will be 1,230W (1.23kW) - a 98% increase in their fixed frame solar array!!!

"The most amazing thing is they're nearly identical in size to the 310W LG panels they are replacing."

Here's a link back to our blog post from March 2020 when Delos was putting flex panels aboard and below is their YouTube episode 262 which goes into more details about their install. Hats off to their sewing skills! The flex panels have been aboard for 2.5 years now and still performing well.

It's been a pleasure to work with Brian & Karin, awesome to have met them in person back at the Annapolis Boatshow in October, and we look forward to an install video and many more updates from the Pacific on how the SunPower solar panels are keeping them powered up #delostribe

Update: 3/31/23 - latest YouTube episode #407

Episode #407 - which includes the first part of their install

Here's a link to their more recent YouTube episode #407 (above) when they get started removing the old panels and hoisting in the new SunPower 410W panels. For a while they planned to keep the Viasat dome whilst still sailing in waters where it would work but it will soon be time to say goodbye to the dome (won't get coverage in the Pacific) and replace it with a third SunPower 410W panel.

Saying goodbye to the Viasat dome (internet) - time for a SunPower 410W panel to go in it's place!

Update: 1/5/24 - latest YouTube episode #441

In this episode Brian & Karin help break down how they are able to spend so much time living off grid in remote places. Power is one of the key components and the SunPower solar panels they have aboard make up the bulk of their power generation. Whilst they do also have a wind generator, a genset and the engine/alternator why not enjoy clean & quiet solar power and cut down on noisy generator run times.

"We only run the generator now maybe once a week for a couple of hours to fill the dive tanks"

“Power is one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle when it comes to thriving out here.”

With the help of the VictronConnect app Brian is able to see how much power each group (or string) of solar panels is producing. The app keeps a rolling 30 day history of solar power production and can help you better understand battery charging (how long you are in bulk, absorption, float each day)

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