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Simply Unbeatable | More Power in Less Space

The Victron Cerbo-S GX has many of the most commonly-used features of the Cerbo GX but at a lower price!  This can be considered as a "lite" version of the Cerbo GX, identical in operation & connection except that it has no BMS-CAN ports, no temperature sensor inputs, and no resistive tank level sender inputs.


Connect through Victron's Remote Management (VRM) portal (via wi-fi or Victron GX LTE 4G-A cellular modem) or access directly using the GX Touch screen display. 


Choose between the 50 or 70 GX Touch screen display.


Note: The touch screen will not function without the Cerbo GX, nor will it function with any other GX device nor any 3rd-party device.


Please choose a cable from our store (0.3m - 10m) to connect your MPPT controller and/or BMV-712 display and/or SmartShunt.  Cerbo GX can accept up to three cables, a fourth MPPT controller can be added by using a to USB interface.


Connect to your shore power/battery charger, generator, wind generator, there are many options.


The kit includes both the brains of the operation, the Cerbo-S GX, where all your connections are made and the GX Touch display (connected to Cerbo-S GX with one cable) 


Cerbo GX is good for use with 12V and 24V systems, if you have a 48V system please contact us for supplemental hardware and instructions.


Click to download the free VictronConnect app from Google Play or the Apple app store


Spec sheet (pdf)

Manual (pdf)

Victron Cerbo-S GX & Touch screen kit