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We highly recommend a variation of these Y-branch connectors when wiring your panels in parallel as they serve to simplify your wire runs, ease installation and provide a good connection and have a weatherproof seal (IP67) to withstand the outside elements.


They are each sold in pairs and are very easy to connect together (plug and play) with MC4 connectors on the end.  Designed not to pull apart you will need an MC4 tool to remove them, available in our shop.


Choose 2-1 for wiring 2 panels in parallel

Choose 3-1 for wiring 3 panels in parallel

Choose 4-1 for wiring 4 panels in parallel


MC4 Y-branch connectors flexible (choose size)


    • Length approx 11.85"
    • Double seal rings for better waterproof effect. Compatible with PV cables with different insulation diameters. It can be used in harsh environment, it will survived rain, high force winds and snow
    • With excellent aging resistance and UV endurance. Created seal, design of dust proof. Load capability with big current and high voltage
    • Resistance of extra high & low temperature and fireproof
    • Quick & simple wiring with plug & play assembly

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