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How are fixed frame solar panels shipped?

There are not many companies that will ship small orders of fixed frame solar panels (like 1-5 panels) and one of the reasons is that when packed flat the solar panels are often damaged during shipping. To be honest it happened to us a few too many times, they get "double stacked" by carriers that load another pallet on top or a fork lift will damage the panel frame.

So we now work with a warehouse facility in Chandler, AZ that has many years experience crating and shipping fragile items including fixed frame solar panels that have a glass top sheet - FRAGILE! They prepare the panels for shipping and after some foam and cardboard they are then in fact stacked and shipped vertically in what is called an H-frame. The H-frame takes up less space in a truck, cannot really be double stacked and is less prone to forklift damage. Don't worry they are weighted at the bottom so they don't topple over.

There is a crating fee of $175.25 applied to each order for this and is charged after checkout along with the freight cost for your shipment.

We do also have an option for full wooden crating for a fee of around $350.00 (depending on which panel and how many). As you can see from the photo below this gives the panel even more protection and we recommend it for anyone that is having their panels shipped internationally. For example we have shipped to freight forwarders in the Miami area for a customer in Panama and another in St Marten.

Maxeon 415W-R solar panel

A single Maxeon 415W-R solar panel ready for shipping in a custom full wood crate.

Should you have any questions about shipping feel free to contact us or click the button below to provide us with a few more details about your delivery address and we're happy to put together a no-obligation freight quote.

Will Call - It's worth noting we do have fixed frame panels available for will call at a few locations, panels can be picked up without them being crated, there are no freight costs and only a $30.00 will call fee is applied at checkout or on your invoice.

Maxeon 415W-R panels: Chandler, AZ | Hayward, CA | San Diego, CA | Oahu, HI

Maxeon 470W panels: Chandler, AZ only

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