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What is the Victron Community?

Victron Cimmunity

The Victron Community is an online, searchable knowledge base of questions and answers regarding Victron Energy products. It's a place for customers, developers, installers & distributors to come together and share their experiences. Answers are provided by the whole community and users are encouraged to participate, support and learn from others. Victron Energy staff will frequent the forum from time to time as required.

The community has continued to grow since it's launch in December 2018 (an upgrade to an existing discussion board) with a good mix of Victron Energy enthusiasts and customers. Here's a quick snapshot of recent topics of discussion:

It's a valuable resource and well worth spending some time exploring if you are troubleshooting or looking for advice. The Community is meant to be complimentary to any tech support you will already have received from your Victron Energy dealer/distributor so be sure to reach out to them (us!) first.

It's also worth exploring the Victron Energy channel on YouTube, with 13.6k subscribers it's another popular resource for troubleshooting and advice on Victron Energy Products. Here's an example from their more recent 'Did you know..." videos and pertains to the MPPT charge controllers:

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