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'On The Wind' - a sailing podcast by #59North

Sun Powered Yachts is proud to be a new supporter of the 'On The Wind' sailing podcast made by our good friends at 59° North sailing. Andy Schell is now on his 251st episode, incredible! If you are not familiar with the podcast follow the orange links and check it out. Scroll down through the many episodes and guests that Andy has met with and you'll find an incredible mix of people with passions from across the sailing and maritime world. This passion and enthusiasm from Andy and his guests always comes through so guaranteed you'll be both inspired and informed.

“Captivating conversations with an at-ease flavor whether with US Senators, tall ship captains, old salts, technical experts or simply us regular folks who love sailing.

— Longtime Listener // Great Lakes Sailor

The latest episode is particularly interesting as Andy chats with Rachel Slade, acclaimed author of 'Into the Raging Sea'. Rachel's first book looks at the heartbreaking account of the sinking of the American merchant ship 'El Faro'. On October 1, 2015, 'El Faro' was lost at sea with all hands after losing propulsion near the eyewall of Hurricane Joaquin.

Episode #251 with Rachel Slade

It's truly an intriguing chat with Rachel who compels you to find out more about this tragic story, how the shipping industry works and lessons that have, hopefully, been learned. I know I'll be adding 'Into the Raging Sea' to my Christmas wish list.

So enjoy. Make a cup of tea & make some time in your day to listen.

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