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SV Delos goes solar with SunPower

We're super excited about SV Delos going solar with SunPower! We've been catching some glimpses of their SunPower 170W & 110W E-flex panels aboard in photos posted to Instagram & Facebook for a couple of months but today SV Delos published their YouTube video with more details on the install.

click here to watch Episode 262 on YouTube

Brian & Karin have been busy sailing the seven seas aboard Delos, their 53' Amel Super Maramu, for a number of years and have gathered quite the following (a Delos Tribe!) publishing a video every Friday to their YouTube channel. They are now a crew of 3 with their baby daughter Sierra aboard and it's great to see them as a new family living the cruising life. Their 262 YouTube episodes range from adventures at sea & on land to how they prepare the boat for crossings but also more technical & fix-it videos.

SV Delos

"Solar is by far our No.1 source of power aboard Delos"

SV Delos has had solar panels aboard for some time and the 930W solar array on the davits has generated a lot of their power aboard. They had 3x310W LG fixed frame panels aswell as two wind generators and a diesel generator aboard. Brian guestimates they made 25% of their power with the generator, 10% with wind and 65% with solar!