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SunPower Eliminates 85% of Solar Cell Failures

Cell failures are designed out with SunPower

With a commitment to innovation and continued R&D SunPower has designed a solar cell that eliminates 85% of the reasons a conventional cell fails.

The image shows that conventional solar cells lose power over time & fail because of corrosion (45.3%) and breakage (40.7%).

Reasons why conventional solar cells fail

What is a conventional solar cell?

A conventional solar cell is easily recognized by its thin metal lines across the front of the active solar surface. This is usually a thin aluminum paste which is porous and easily corrodes over time.

SunPower cells have a thick copper foundation which adds strength and is almost impervious to corrosion. By having this copper 'back contact' it is protected from any moisture ingress and the effects of thermal cycling (daily temperature swings from day/night) are reduced.

Breakages are prevented with SunPower's thick, robust inter-connect tabs. These form the connection between each solar cell and allow for expansion/contraction and a level of redundancy with three points of contact. Lose just one of the narrow metal ribbons on a conventional cell and the whole cell fails.

SunPower's robust interconnect tabs

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