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How to charge your Torqeedo with solar

Whilst it has always been possible to charge your smaller Torqeedo outboard (Ultralight & Travel) with solar panels let's just say it hasn't been so easy.

Your options have been quite limited due to the adaptor required to plug the solar panel directly into the outboard. There is a Torqeedo 50W solar panel with the correct DC plug, but at $749.00 it's not a popular option!

Coming very soon (June 2024) is a new adaptor cable from Torqeedo that will allow you to connect a regular solar panel with the MC4 connectors to the DC end that plugs directly into the outboard.

Extend your time & range on the water with solar

Solar charging cable for Ultralight and Travel - $69.99 + shipping

Product description:

  • Allows Travel and Ultralight batteries to be charged from a third-party solar panel up to 160W and a maximum open circuit voltage Voc of 33V with a standard MC4 connection

  • For use only with batteries part no. 1146-00, 1147-00, 1148-00, 1155-00,1416-00 & 1417-00

The smaller Torqeedo outboards (Ultralight & Travel) do have a built in MPPT controller so it is plug & play, but you have to make sure that the solar panel stays within the solar charging parameters. As you can see from the above description you would be limited to 160W of solar and be sure to be below the maximum input solar voltage of 33V (labelled Voc on your panel sticker/spec sheet)

Often space is a premium but you would be good with either:

  • 1x100W SunPower E-flex panel

  • 1x100W & 1x50W SunPower E-flex panel wired together in parallel (not series)

Have any questions feel free to get in touch with us, we love to chat solar.

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