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Gift cards available!

At Sun Powered Yachts we're now happy to start offering Gift Cards that are redeemable in our store or towards an invoice with us. Why not help your friends and family go solar with SunPower? Are they complaining their batteries are always low? Or are they fed up with having to run a noisy generator or the engine just to charge the batteries?

Help them start their journey towards clean & quiet solar power and becoming more energy independent.

With SunPower solar panels you have clean & quiet, renewable power that will keep your batteries topped up and happy. Batteries are a big investment and it's better to extend their lifespan with solar panels. Stay out on the hook longer and enjoy the freedom solar can provide. The big gain is less noise, with solar panels you are not listening to noisy engine or generator nearly as often. As one of our customers mentioned,

"You can't underestimate the importance of running a quiet boat."

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