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How is my solar panel wired up?

Your SunPower E-flex solar panel is made up of a number of single solar cells wired together in series coming together at the junction box (top right corner) and then has a positive and negative cable with MC4 connectors attached. This shows which is the positive and negative MC4 connector coming off the panel.

Take for example the 110W SunPower E-flex panel which is built with a total of 32 SunPower Maxeon Gen III solar cells.

Each solar cell is around 3.5Watts, 0.6Volts and 5.9Amps and the cells are all wired together in series which increases the voltage but the current (amps) stays the same.

You therefore get a panel that is close to 110Watts at around 19V and ives you 5.9amps.