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Join us at IBEX 2019

Join us in a month's time at booth #1-614 at the IBEX show in Tampa, Florida October 1-3 where Sun Powered Yachts will be exhibiting the full range of SunPower® flexible solar panels: 50W, 100W, 110W & 170W.

We are really looking forward to highlighting the benefits of the SunPower E-flex range of panels: lightweight, flexible & powerful. The patented Maxeon™ solar cells have the highest efficiency (23-35%) which means more power in less space - important for boat owners when 'roof space' is at a premium.

We are also very excited to be showcasing the SunPower X-22 370W fixed frame solar panel. This is a DC panel rated at 59.1V and Cradle to Cradle certified Silver and we are pleased to be one of very few SunPower dealers presenting this powerful and efficient panel to the marine industry.

We are also looking forward to meeting the increasing number of electric boat manufacturers to chat about how they can be charging their batteries aboard whilst underway allowing their owners more time on the water. By having solar aboard an electric boat you can help directly offset some of the power being used by the electric motor and relieve some of the 'range anxiety' that can be experienced.

With efficiency going up and prices coming down there really is no better time to be going solar aboard than with SunPower - go green in 2019!

Join us at the IBEX show - the largest technical marine event in North America, and the three most valuable days of the year for all marine professionals. No other event gives you so much access to the people and technology shaping the industry.

Note: IBEX is a trade-only event and is not open to the general public. Marine professionals should register to attend.

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