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At the San Diego boatshow we were chatting with John Arndt from Latitude 38, the sailing magazine, and among other things we started chatting about our next sailing trip we had planned.

Cruising for 5 weeks in the med on 3 different boats in 2 different countries? Well he was intrigued to learn more. We chatted about our ownership program with Dream Yacht Charter and he thought it would make a great story...

A phone interview with Andy Turpin and what seemed like only a few days later our story was written up and included in the February issue of Latitude 38 - their 500th issue!

Click here to read the full article online

Few people realize that many of the yachts in the big charter company's fleets (Moorings, SunSail, Dream Yacht) are actually owned by private individuals like us. It's a path to yacht ownership that doesn't work for everyone but for many it's a great option that allows flexibility & reduced costs and even potentially a source of revenue.

Click here to read the full article online

In these hectic times, many sailors find they just don't have the time to properly maintain a boat of their own ­— not to mention the cost of buying and berthing one. As a result, the international charter industry continues to flourish, and yacht ownership through one of these programs continues to rise.

We are really happy to share the story of our different path to yacht ownership and happy to answer any questions you might have on Dream Yacht Charter's ownership programs. There are several ways to 'buy in' and we can certainly offer our experiences & advice and point you in the direction of Christine at Dream Yacht Charter who helped us with our decision.

Click here to send us an email and ask us a question about yacht ownership.

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