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Tell Us About Your Sun Powered Yacht!

Welcome to the Sun Powered Yachts blog! We envision this as place for anyone to share their thoughts, insight, or personal stories of how they went solar on their sailboat. In developing Sun Powered Yachts, Lyall and I were amazed at how little info there was on the web about going solar on your boat. There are a few forums, and some great youtube videos, but no one stop place where people were discussing solar for yachts. We hope that in creating this website and blog, that all of you will share your stories with us about how going solar on your boat has improved your sailing life, and allowed you to disconnect from the dock stay out on the hook longer.

We believe that the SunPower E-Flex Series panels are the best solution for your sailboat in terms of overall cost, efficiency, aesthetics, and ease of install and stow-ability.

Lyall and I will be launching Sun Powered Yachts at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis this October 4-8, and hope to connect with lots of yacht owners who have already gone solar and publish some of their stories here. Please send us your solar story, insights, and any advice or recommendations you want to share with the yachting community. You can email me your post at and send us a photo of your solar installation too! The more info the better! We want to inspire more yacht owners to start sailing with the sun and become more sustainable sailors.

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