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These MidNite Solar DIN rail breakers are DC rated for battery and solar applications. Most hardware store breakers are AC rated, and not for DC use.


Use these DIN rail breakers with your MidNite Solar Baby Box. MidNite Solar breakers have been evaluated by ETL to 150VDC and are listed for US and Canada. All of the NRTL listings still apply.


These breakers are single width and accept up to 6AWG wire.


PLEASE NOTE THESE BREAKERS ARE POLARIZED, so it's important to wire them correctly.


MidNite Solar 150VDC DIN Rail Breakers

  • Environmental Rating - Type 1 (Indoor)
    DC Voltage Rating - 150VDC
    Wire Size Range - 14AWG to 6AWG
    Width -  0.51" (13 mm)

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