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What does the Victron Battery Sense do?

The Victron battery sense is the small blue box in the bundles we have available in our store. It is a battery voltage and temperature sensor that attaches to one battery in your bank. With the Battery Sense in place, batteries will be better charged; improving charging-efficiency and prolonging battery life.

It relays the info via bluetooth to the MPPT controller(s) and the VictronConnect app which can be accessed on your phone/tablet when in bluetooth range. It does this by creating a new VE network, which you then add your MPPT controller(s) to. Multiple MPPT charge controllers can be networked to same Battery Sense as long as they are all chargiung the same battery bank.

Without a battery sense both battery temperature and voltage readings are taken at the MPPT controller, which will likely be different depending on the distance and location of the MPPT controller(s) in relation to the battery bank.

Only 1 Victron battery sense is required per install/battery bank. It can be used on 12/24/48V battery banks. Installation is simple, quick and tidy. Just connect the unit's two eyelets to your battery terminals and attach the unit directly onto the battery (top or side) using its self-adhesive strip. It comes with an in-line fuse on the positive wire.

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