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Water-miser battery vent caps

We have been living off-grid in Hawaii for over 10 years with lead-acid batteries and on my to-do list each month is to check the water levels in the batteries and top them up as needed. Well, it's easy for every 4 weeks to become 6 weeks to become 2 months etc. It may not be a huge task but it's another one on the list and is a bit of a chore.

I'm sure it might be the same for your battery install, maybe hard to reach, hard to see in the dark and even harder to get the distilled water in without making a mess (or getting shocked!) There are ways to auto top up the water or more easily monitor but recently we discovered these cool little 'Water-miser" caps (by a company called Flow Systems USA) that are very easy to install and will capture any evaporating water, condense it and send it back into the battery - genius!

WATER MISER battery caps help save your expensive batteries by saving your water! These caps will, provided your charging equipment is properly regulated, reduce water loss by 50% to 60%. The sulfuric acid droplets being carried by the escaping gasses will be reduced by approximately 100 percent.

Fits all US Batteries - WATER MISER Battery Caps will fit all U.S. manufactured industrial batteries, most semi-industrial and golf cart batteries including: Exide Technologies, Dyno, Enersys, Hawker, East Penn (Deka), Crown, Trojan, Surrette / Rolls, Superior, Bulldog, Industrial Battery Engineering (IBE), US Battery, Arrow Battery and Douglas Batteries.


No Need to Ever Remove Vent Caps - With already limited access and cramped spaces, there is no need to ever remove the Water Miser Vent-Caps. Easily inspect or water your batteries, just flip open the vent cap and when finished, flip closed.

Less Watering - Extended watering intervals are achieved along with routine equalization of the electrolyte being drastically reduced due to the fact that very little electrolyte ever passes through the moisture return medium and hydrophobic cindered disc combination

Batteries Last Longer - Any residual gases that escape through the moisture retention medium during the charging cycle, carry fewer electrolyte laden droplets, assuring that electrolyte gravities are stabilized within the battery cell(s) – Thus resulting in consistency of intended cell voltages and capacity characteristics.

They Stay Drier - The battery and battery cell covers remain much drier with cell to cell and battery to equipment body grounding respectively reduced - this being of the utmost importance relative to today’s use of solid state electronic controllers as used on battery powered electric material handling equipment.

Reduced Acid Mess - The handling of acid laden vent caps is a thing of the past - the built in “anti-splash” device assures that a minimum of electrolyte is propelled into the immediate area when the “flip top” is opened for inspection or watering.

No Explosions - Externally initiated explosions within the battery’s cell(s) are virtually eliminated due to the incorporation of the flame and or spark retardant hydrophobic cindered disc.

Virtually Fume Free Batteries - The Water Miser Safety Vent affords the operator a greater safety factor as he now works in a more friendly, fume freer environment made possible by the multi-features incorporated in its comprehensive and practical design.

Easy to Handle - Lesser potential vulnerability to the problems of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome relative to removal and replacement of twist on vent caps during servicing and the lesser exposure to electrolyte (Sulphuric acid), as fumes and or liquid, is a factor that certainly warrants consideration - the water miser safety vent just might in some degree contribute to the area of liability avoidance.

Ideal for Forklift, Golf Cart, Marine, RV and Floor Scrubber Batteries - The Water Miser Safety Vent can be retro fitted to any U.S. manufactured industrial motive power forklift battery since it’s construction embodies the quarter-turn bayonet design. The majority of golf cart and floor scrubber batteries will also accept the quarter turn bayonet design.

Pays for Itself - Flip top design in combination with the moisture return medium / Hydrophobic Cindered Disc will more than compensate for it’s cost within the first 6 months - less watering, less equalization, less flushing and washing of the battery, the equipment and the charging station area.

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