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Sailing Zephyr goes solar with SunPower

We are super excited to recently collaborate with James & Nat from YouTube channel Sailing Zephyr. They sail a 2010 Beneteau Oceanis 43 and are currently on the US East Coast planning to head south towards Panama.

"The panels are cranking, thank you for changing our lives"

They were looking to get more power to support their life aboard and an upgrade to their existing solar set-up was the way to go. In fact it was a relatively straightforward switch out of the panels and they were able to use existing wiring and their Morningstar 45A MPPT controllers. So they have one panel to one controller which is a great way to go, will get the best performance from the panels and gives you a degree of redundancy - should a controller fail you still have 50% of your solar.

James and Nat went from having 500W to 820W in almost the same footprint (1" wider and 6" longer) which is a 64% increase in the amount of clean & quiet power aboard. Watch their recent YouTube episode #166 to learn more.

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