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Maxeon Air 330W in stock

We now have the Maxeon Air 330W flexible solar panels in stock in Chandler, AZ! Woohoo, it's been a long while since we first had a panel in our booth at the Miami boatshow back in 2022. Maxeon did have a few small releases of the panel in France that were beta tested and small improvements made eg. they removed the peel & stick backing which now gives you more options in how to install the panel.

We did have a lot of pre-orders that are shipping out to customers this week and currently leaves us with 20 panels left in stock, so don't wait too long as we're not sure exactly when a next shipment from Singapore will be possible.

The Maxeon Air 330W panels are being shipped vertically in a custom H-frame pallet, similar to this photo, that protects the panels for shipping and avoids double stacking by the carrier. The panels are very long and cannot be shipped as a regular UPS/Fedex package.

Now that we have the Maxeon Air panels here in the USA we will be adding the 1x and 2x panel bundles to our store much like we have for the other panels. In the meantime, if you do have any questions about system components required to get you up and running then be sure to get in touch with us by email or on the phone +1 808 825 2670.

It's worth mentioning briefly the Federal Tax Credits that you might be able to take advantage of for going solar on your boat, it's 30% on the total system cost until 2032 and there are more details on our Solar Tax Credits page.

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