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Dufour Grand Large 382 or 412? Is it worth the extra cost?

When we were researching buying our Dufour 382 four years ago, there were little to no blogs or articles from owners on the features of the different models, and livability of them, versus just going out on weekend sails. We planned to live aboard on ours, so its space, features, and sail plans were really important in our decision. We purchased a 2015, Dufour 382 Adventure with add-ons such as a 40HP Volvo, taller mast, deeper keel, increased fuel and water tanks, and teak cockpit. The Dufour Grand Large 382 is designed and equipped to the highest standard, offering six distinct versions and an extensive choice of galley, cabin and shower room combinations. We chose a three cabin, single head layout for the two of us and our two daughters. Since it will mostly be just us four, we thought one head would free up more communal space below decks.

This 11 meter-long sailboat was designed to optimize on-board comfort in all sailing conditions. Its modular design appeals to all tastes and offers a perfect setting day and night, from its huge skylights and many hull windows and hatches. Designed by Dufour Yachts in association with Umberto Felci, this 38 foot yacht sports the latest innovations in terms of hull and appendage design.

The Dufour Grand Large 382 is also equipped with rigging to maximize comfort on board and to keep the yacht well balanced in all sailing conditions. It is equipped with a full batten mainsail and a self-tacking jib, which satisfies sailors looking for performance and an ultimate sailing experience, whilst offering optimum control and ease of handling. Lyall likes to race ours and we often get her up to 8kts. She is certainly 'sporty' when compared to the range of production yachts on the market today. At anchor, the uncluttered deck makes it easy to move around on board and offers passengers plenty of room. The 382 pioneered the full open transom with swim platform, which is now a main feature seen on almost all new production yachts.

We purchased our yacht, Blake, in a Dream Yacht Charter ownership program (Dream Easy) which gives us 6-8 weeks of sailing at any of their worldwide bases for five years until we sail away on her fall of 2021. We've been able to take out lots of different yachts throughout our four years in the program, but just recently were able to take out a Dufour 412 for the first time. We have taken out several versions of the 382, but were really excited to see if we liked the added meter of space and amenities on the next model up. Did we make the right choice on the 382? Here is my two cents after spending two weeks living aboard a 412 chartering out of the DYC base in La Paz, Mexico.

As there is quite a substantial price increase from the three cabin 382 to the 412, I hope my review will enable you to make a more educated decision on if the added costs are worth the price. We had a three cabin, two head version of the 412 in Mexico.


-Big shower and standard electric shower drain and electric head

-Built in LED strip lights under the teak grab rail on deck, provide a nice ambiance at night

-Built in, expandable sun bathing bed and cushions, so you can sit side by side in the cockpit

-Full genoa with bowsprit and aft winches

-Loved the updated Dufour LED instrument panel below deck by the nav station. It was innovative, intuitive, and really cool how it showed the lights on the panel and your actual boat.

-Hidden running rigging aft to the cockpit


-The grill was broken and we only used the sink once. Honestly, I LOVE the full open transom on the 382 versus all of the new Dufour models with the built in aft grill and sink. Being able to look out an open transom is one of our favorite features of the 382.

-The lack of a dry aft locker, as stow spaces were exposed when the swim platform is down

-Lack of french doors on V-Berth makes the space feel smaller both when in the cabin looking aft, and when aft looking forward.

-Lift up helm seat that just looks awkward when lifted up.

In conclusion, looking on Yacht World to compare prices of Adventure models of the 382 and 412, I found this:

2016, 412 in Puerto Rico is for sale at $199,900

2016, 382 in Spain is for sale at $141,839

Difference of $58,061

Pros on both:

-Low gooseneck for easy sail handling on deck, not stepping up the mast to drop the sail.

-Hull windows in the V-berth let in light and views of the sea

-Great use of skylights to flood the interior with natural light and make the space feel bigger

-Aft swim platform and big, comfortable cockpit

-Saltwater foot pump in galley (this is standard in all Dufours as well as a bilge wine rack)

In the end, we're really happy we spent significantly less money on the 382 and have almost the same boat as the 412. Both have three cabins, with natural light and hatches, L- shaped galley, almost equal size cockpits, dual helms, large swim platforms, and easy to handle rigging and sail plans which utilize a low boom. For us, spending the extra $50,000+ on the extra head and bigger shower, grill and sink in the cockpit, and snazzy led deck lights is not worth it. We would rather live aboard in a slightly smaller space, and use the funds to fill our year with on board and land adventures while sailing. I hope this review helps you choose the right model Dufour for you! Call or email us with any questions! Happy sailing!

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