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2020 - Federal Tax Credit is now 26%

Tax Credits are being phased out in the next 2 years

2020 - Federal Tax Credit is now 26%

You may know by now that there is a Federal Tax Credit for going solar on your boat, but did you know that it's being phased out over the next 2 years! Don't miss the boat as this credit is on the total cost to put the system in place and can include solar panels, charge controllers, wiring, labor (maybe even batteries)

2019 - 30%

2020 - 26%

2021 - 22%

2022 - zero

In short this is a residential tax credit for your home (first or second) which your boat can be classed as if it's US registered and has a head, galley & bunk. As always please consult with your tax advisor or accountant to see if you can take advantage of this credit. Also we have more information on the Solar Tax Credits page of our website or just Google 'IRS Form 5695' to find out more.

IRS Form 5695

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