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SunPower 170W is in stock and ready to ship!


The new SunPower E-Flex 170W panel is available in our store and ready to ship!

The largest and highest efficiency SunPower flexible solar panel, the E-Flex 170W, is now in the USA, available in our store & ready for purchase:

The SunPower 170W is the largest of the E-Flex series of solar panels designed and made by SunPower. With the latest Gen III high efficiency (25%) solar cells this is a lightweight, durable & powerful addition to power your needs aboard:

Dimensions: 45.4" x 31.9" x 0.1" (0.8"w/J-Box) (LxWxH)

Weight: 6.3lbs

Rated Voltage (Vmpp): 29.4V

Rated Current (Impp): 5.84A

Flexible up to 30 degrees

High efficiency (25%) Maxeon™ Gen III solar cells

Premium cosmetic quality

Junction box with by-pass diode

17.7" long cables (12AWG) with PV4-S Connectors (MC4 compatible)

6x 316 stainless steel grommets

5-Year power & 2-Year product warranty (no salt water exclusion) - Backed by SunPower

SunPower is truly a global company and has control over all stages of the manufacturing process. Each of the solar cells are made in a SunPower factory in the Philippines, the panels are assembled in a SunPower factory in France and the finished E-Flex panel is shipped to SunPower in California.

Since November we have been taking pre-orders ahead of the SunPower 170W panel arriving in the USA and it is proving to be a popular size. We were excited to have a demo panel at the San Diego Boatshow to put in people's hands. We are even more excited that the panels are now available and we will be showcasing the SunPower 170W at the Richmond Boatshow in just a few weeks time (April 4-7) Visitors to the show will be able to take the 170W with them straight from the show, or if they prefer have them shipped home anywhere in the USA within 5 days.

There is a wide range of applications for the 170W and we have sold panels not only to people with yachts but also to RV owners, a customer planning to put them on his white water raft and another customer with an electric bicycle and custom trailer - awesome! These flex panels are certainly versatile, let us know if we can help you going solar with your project.

Don't forget, as with all our SunPower E-Flex panels, there is free shipping in the USA! If you are interested in having your SunPower 170W panel shipped outside the USA then drop us an email and we can provide a quote for international shipping

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