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Boat Shows in 2019

After a successful launch of Sun Powered Yachts at the Annapolis Boat Show in October 2018 we soon realized that it's important for us to be at more boat shows, awesome! We love the 'booth life' and chatting sailing & solar with everyone we meet. There is a lot of interest in going solar especially now when prices have come down & efficiency has gone up. People have a lot of questions and we want to be approachable and available to answer them. We registered pretty quickly for a number of boat shows in 2019 (see the list below) and will be in San Diego at Booth 102 in just 2 weeks time!

We exclusively sell SunPower® flexible solar panels and at a boat show you will get to feel the panels & see them installed on our demo bimini. Checking out how the panels are wired up and connected to an MPPT charge controller & battery you get a better understanding of the solar system as a whole. We are there to inspire you, plant that seed that "hey maybe we could add solar to our boat?", and inform you on how to make that happen. Start enjoying the benefits of solar where less = more...

...less noise, less engine hours & less maintenance = more power, more range & more silent sunsets :)

At the boat shows it's also a chance for us to pick the brains of people that have already gone solar and share that information. We'll ask for a short testimonial about their solar system & what they like: number of panels, MPPT charge controllers, series v. parallel, can they make ice?! We got a lot of great info from the Annapolis boat show & will be sharing that in a blog post.

We're also pleased to be included in the line-up of seminar speakers at San Diego & Richmond. Many of the shows have a free program of seminars for people to learn more about a subject. This is not a sales pitch but an opportunity for us to present the benefits of going solar aboard, the different types of solar panels and installs & more info on the Federal Solar Tax Credit - at 30% don't miss the boat on that!

We look forward to meeting you at the following boat shows in 2019, Katie & Lyall

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