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When are the Maxeon Air 330W panels coming?

We've been getting lots of questions as to why these panels are taking so long to get to market, after Maxeon announced them in early 2021. We have a direct line to the manufacturing team in Singapore, and have real time updates on the manufacturing and testing process currently underway. We recently received a formal update from Maxeon and wanted to share it:

We also know that part of this manufacturing delay is because they have removed the peel and stick back. That is a massive improvement for the marine market, as it was a sticky and messy black adhesive, not ideal for primarily white vessels. We can't wait to get our hands on a demo panel to see the changes that have been made since we debuted it in the US, at the Miami Boat Show in February '21. We will continue to keep everyone updated as soon as Maxeon provides more details on timing, price, and an official data sheet with full specs.

These panels are a technological breakthrough, and we could not be happier to bring them to the marine market in 2024! Thank you for your continued patience as the team at Maxeon develops the most optimal version of the all new MaxAir 330Watt flexible solar panel.

Maxeon Air 330W flex panel specsheet
Download PDF • 517KB

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