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Solar panel mounts for your overland vehicle

Phillips Solar panel mounts
Phillips Solar

Be sure to check out Phillips Solar if you are looking for some custom solar panel mounts for your overland vehicle. Since 2018 they have been providing adventurers & overlanders with solutions for going solar and have a range of accessories for mounting your SunPower 100W & SunPower 50W flexible solar panels.

The Custom Flexible Solar Panel Mounts are a set of brackets that attaches your solar panel to the roof of your vehicle or camper. The mount system is an aerodynamic, low-profile track that allows your solar panel to be installed and removed in seconds.

The mount system allows flexible solar panels to slide in and out of the track so that you can collect solar energy while you’re driving as well as reposition the panels for better sun exposure while you are stationary. It also keeps the solar panels 7mm off of the vehicle roof while you drive, keeping them cooler to maximize their efficiency.

The mount pieces use a combination of heavy-duty magnets or double-sided tape and semi-permanent adhesives to eliminate the need to drill, bolt, or screw into the vehicle roof.

Email to discuss how they can custom design and manufacture mounts for your vehicle.

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