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PMDP 2023 clean-up season complete!

As you may know 1% of your order with Sun Powered Yachts goes directly to help support the PMDP in Hawaii. The goal of PMDP’s Marine Debris Removal Project is to reduce the threats of marine debris (primarily entanglement hazards) to the critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal, threatened Hawaiian green sea turtle, threatened humpback whale, protected seabirds, and sensitive coral reef ecosystems. They make multiple trips each summer to the outer Hawaiian islands and have recently completed the 2023 cleanup season.

The 2023 PMDP cleanup season is now complete:

60 days at sea, 6 locations & 212,410lbs removed!

Watch this local news report from 2022 to help get a better understanding of the hard work that PMDP undertakes each year.

Here's some of the stats over the years that PMDP has been undertaking cleanup operations:

2020 - #1

82,600 lbs

2021 - #1

123,690 lbs

2021 - #2

94,472 lbs

2022 - #1

97,295 lbs

2022 - #2

105,655 lbs

2023 - #1

86,100 lbs

2023 - #2

126,310 lbs


716,122 lbs

*716,122 lbs is a huge amount of marine debris, that's over 358 US tons (or 28 school buses!)

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