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SunPower flexible solar panel "bundles"

We often found that we were getting asked which MPPT controller would work for 2 panels and so we have put together a range of 'bundles' that includes all of the items needed for a 2x50W, 2x110W or 2x170W bundle.

In short we are here to help make it easier for you to go solar with SunPower, should you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Check out the SunPower flex panel bundles in our store

Here's an example of what's included in the popular 2x170W bundle:

2x 170W SunPower® E-flex solar panels 1x pair of 2-1 Y-branch connectors (flexible) 1x 10AWG PV Extension wire (choose length) 1x Victron Energy SmartSolar 100|30 MPPT charge controller 1x Bussman 30A circuit breaker (surface mount) 1x Victron Energy battery sense 1x pair of MC4 removal tools 2x pairs of MC4 dust covers   All that is required is some connections/fittings to connect to your battery bank otherwise you are all set.

How much power will I get? With a 12V system an estimated daily yield for 2x170W panels is potentially around 112-114 amp hours.   Federal Tax Credit Net Price = $862.10 after filing & receiving the 26% Federal Tax Credit in 2020 (saving you $302.90)  More details on our Solar Tax Credits page

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