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International WorkBoat Show '22

This was our first visit to New Orleans and our first time exhibiting at the WorkBoat Show after the show was cancelled in 2020 and in 2021 we were sailing across the Atlantic in the ARC 2021. So we were excited to finally be here and were not disappointed. The show this year was huge with over 900+ exhibitors all on one floor, which is about a half mile long and is only one half of the building! We had one lady stop by our booth saying they had done over 10,000 steps - that's over 5 miles of walking around a trade show!

#IWBS22 - International WorkBoat Show 2022

A huge thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth to grab a healthy snack (some cuties!) and chat about SunPower solar panels with us. There are a wide range of opportunities for solar to grow within the WorkBoat sector of the marine market. Already in the recreational yachting sector many boats have solar aboard to offset their power usage - often called the 'house bank' on a small sailboat but called the 'hotel load' on a large commercial vessel!

"I have walked over 10,000 steps today" - that's over 5 miles of walking the boatshow!

The exciting part of the WorkBoat sector is the real move for the fleet to become increasingly fully electric or hybrid. It's great to see so many concepts and future plans but also to chat with the team from NavTek who have designed and built 'ZeeTug' the world's first all electric tug boat, incredible! It's in the field and been running for a little over a year now.

Solar can also help shoreside with Port Authorities looking to provide a clean power source to re-charge electric boats. No matter which way you use it, solar is a clean & quiet power source. It can reduce noisy generator run times, reduce fuel costs & help to decarbonize the marine industry.

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