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Good Jibes Podcast Episode #8

We were thrilled to be guests on the Good Jibes podcast from West Coast sailing magazine Latitude 38. We got to chat with John Arndt while we were in Maine recently, a stopover to visit family on our way to join our boat in France. It was great to catch up with John as it's been a while since there were any boatshows. We had a great chat about our upcoming trip and sailing with our two young daughters, phasing out of Dream Yacht Charter and taking ownership of our boat and how living off grid has helped get us ready for the transition.

Click here to listen to Episode 8 and be sure to visit the Good Jibes website for other great episodes.

Good Jibes is brought to you by the Safe Boating Campaign, in partnership with the National Safe Boating Council and U.S. Coast Guard. Learn more at

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