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Case Study: Dolphin 460 with 5x370W SunPower panels

At the Annapolis Sailboat show we got to catch up with many of our customers, it was really nice to hear their panels are performing well and how having solar (or more solar) has improved life aboard (think less hours listening to noisy generators & engines running!)

Marty was kind enough to email us a short testimonial about his install from summer 2022.

Dolphin 460 catamaran | 5x370W SunPower fixed frame solar panels

We installed five SunPower 370W fixed frame solar panels as part of a major systems refit on our Dolphin 460 catamaran, Dolphin Dreamer, in early 2022. Since the project completion that spring, the panels have been more than capable of maintaining our large lithium battery bank while providing ample energy to run numerous power-hungry accessories such as refrigerators, freezer, microwave, electric skillet, hot water heater, water maker, autopilot and windlass.

We've not needed to plug into shore power since June 2022!

During peak daylight hours we have even been able to run both Mabru air conditioners without tapping the batteries. The power generation of these new panels has been so great that we have not needed to plug into shore power since June 2022! Even our generator has not been needed to supplement our power usage. Renewable energy and energy efficiency has come a long way in the last 10 years. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Marty Stanton

Dolphin Dreamer #11

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Note: Whilst we no longer have the SunPower 370W we do have the Maxeon 415W and Maxeon 470W fixed frame solar panels available, head to our shop for more info:

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