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Can I make a flex/fixed hybrid panel?

We have had a few customers that have combined the advantages of the SunPower flexible solar panels (lower price, lightweight) to create a custom fixed frame panel - typically by creating an aluminum frame for the panels.

Here's a photo from a Gozzard 36, the owner didn't want to damage their bimini and preferred the aesthetics of his SunPower 170W panels being on a custom frame above the bimini.

And another from a customer with a larger Beneteau. They took the same approach and in effect created a 340W flex/fixed panel that is around half the weight of a more traditional fixed frame solar panel. They then installed 2 pairs of these for a total of 680W aboard - that's potentially up to around 225amp hours a day at 12V

Here's the two pairs of "340W" panels back up on the bimini before the canvas went back on.

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