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5 applications for flexible solar panels

There are wide range of applications for flexible solar panels, essentially anything that is mobile and has a battery you can keep it topped up & a lot happier by charging with solar. All batteries are hungry for power (just think how often you have to plug in your cell phone!) and these days we have more devices to plug in and keep charged. If your only alternative is running a noisy generator/engine or having to plug into 'shore power' then maybe consider charging with solar panels instead. Why not enjoy a clean & quiet way to charge your battery.

Here we wanted to highlight our top 5 applications for flexible solar panels:

1. Boats

Of course this is number one on our list! There is no end to the different types of boats and yachts that can add flexible solar panels aboard. Our background is sailing so we tend to help more cruising yachts go solar. The panels are lightweight and can easily be installed on top of a canvas dodger or bimini. We also help power boaters, pontoon boat owners, kayakers, pedal boat tour operators, fishing boats. With most boats you have a limited amount of "roof space" available so it's often a case of maximizing it with as much solar as possible.

2. RVs & trailers

We also help a lot of RV owners, vanners, 5th wheelers add solar to their rigs too. The advantage is they can often have better roof surface, larger & flatter with less shading to worry about. Although saying that many of our customers have said they will keep a few extra spare panels for when they do park in the shade they can run their extra panels out into the sun on a long extension wire - genius!

3. E-bikes

This is pretty cool, there are a unique crew with electric bikes & trikes of all shapes and sizes that take them on extended trips. They will often have a trailer which can hold a flexible solar panel and help charge their e-bike battery whilst underway, helping to extend their range & time on the road. Check out the Sun Trip website, they have a number of rallies/races they organize in France, China, Mexico and California. There are some neat 'solar bikes' out there and many choose SunPower flex panels as they can produce the most amount of power in the smallest amount of space - very important to these guys.

4. Camping

Let's face it we would all prefer to be glamping than camping, living in lux than roughing it and SunPower flexible solar panels are a great solution to help provide some extra comfort when out camping/car camping. Pair some panels with a portable solar generator like the Ecoflow Delta or River and you can then charge your phones, laptop, lights, maybe a 12V electric blanket. Or hook your solar panels directly into a solar powered cooler like the Dometic CFX55 and keep the beers colder for longer!

5. Sea buoys

Another pretty unique application are sea buoys that may need solar power to help power just the light or other equipment that might be aboard. One project was a weather buoy that was sending data back to the scientists about water temperatures, wave heights and wind speeds etc

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