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What do all the flashing lights mean on my controller?!

The SmartSolar range of Victron Energy MPPT charge controllers all have a number of LEDs on the front, the smaller controllers have 2 LEDs and larger controllers have 3 LEDs.

Victron Toolkit app

Through a combination of different colors and flashing sequences these LEDs will indicate a number of different 'situations' going on with the controller. This can be good, by indicating your controller is in say bulk charge, or it can be bad, by indicating an error code that you have an over-voltage or you need to download the latest firmware update. How do you know what they all mean? You can look in the manual for your controller or make use of the very handy Victron Toolkit app which can be downloaded for free to your phone/tablet.

Once you open up the Victron Toolkit app it has three sections to it: Cable calc, LED definitions, Temp derating

What we're looking at in more detail here is the LED definitions section. This will help you identify what all the flashing lights mean on the front of your charge controller.

Clicking on this blue center section opens up a Victron product list, you then select your controller from either MPPT 3 LEDs or MPPT 2 LEDs. eg. if your controller is one of the smaller ones and has the 'LOAD' output (75|10) then you would choose the MPPT 2 LEDs.

This then gives you a screen that shows a controller with some f