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The last of the 100Watts!

SunPower 100W flexible solar panel

The last of the 100Watts!

At the time of writing (April 4th) there are now only 15 of the 100W SunPower E-flex solar panels left in stock. And that is the last of the 100W panels that we have available, in fact it's the last of the 100W panels that SunPower has available. Once these remaining few have sold that's it, they're gone!

The 100W has been a popular size of panel and is lightweight, flexible & powerful with a wide range of applications. Our customers have installed panels onto their boats, RVs, campers & tiny homes. Built with SunPower's Maxeon Gen II solar cells at 23% efficiency the panel weighs only 4.4lbs, is flexible to 30' & generate up to 6.3A.

Once the 100W panels are all gone we will fully transition to only having the SunPower 110W E-flex solar panel. This is physically the same size as the 100W panel but is able to generate an extra 10W because it's built with Maxeon Gen III solar cells that are slightly more efficient at 25%.

Don't forget about the Federal Tax Credit that you might be able to take advantage of. The 100W could cost you a net price of $147.26 after filing & receiving the 26% Federal Tax Credit in 2020 (saving you $51.74 per panel) More details on our Solar Tax Credits page.

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