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As featured in SAIL magazine

We were thrilled to receive our October issue of SAIL magazine in the mail and find the SunPower E-flex solar panels featured in the 'Gear' section. Each month Adam Cort reviews new & exciting equipment for you & your boat; from the latest offshore jacket, to Bluetooth speakers and personal EPIRBs to SunPower flexible solar panels.

"There are solar panels, and then there are solar panels specifically designed and manufactured for use in a marine environment. Among the latter are the new SunPower flexible solar panels, from SunPower Corp., featuring the company's proprietary Maxeon technology, a cell architecture optimized to perform better in both cloudy weather and partial shade - what is in many way the Achilles heel of solar panels afloat..."

In general it's refreshing to see renewable energy products, in particular solar, getting coverage in the yachting press. With prices having come down and efficiencies having gone up there is no better time to rethink power production aboard your boat. In particular see if you can take advantage of the Federal Tax Credits that are available to US registered boats with a head, galley & bunk. Have questions on going solar then send us an email.

We shall be giving away copies of October's issue of SAIL magazine at our booth at the IBEX show October 1-3 in Tampa, FL.

Do you have your subscription to SAIL magazine? If not, then click here to subscribe - 1 year (12 issues) is $15*

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