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RVwithTito reviews the SunPower 110W

A really neat video you can find on YouTube produced by Brian from RVwithTito. He takes one of the SunPower 110W E-Flex panels and tests it alongside some panels from HQST & Renogy. See how the highest efficiency panels perform.

Don't forget having highest efficiency prime solar cells is not the only advantage, SunPower has designed out around 85% of the reasons why conventional solar cells fail - breakage & corrosion. The aesthetics are great & build quality is really high, with solid copper back contact solar cells there is added strength as well as flexibility.

RVwithTito has a large following and Brian has tested a lot of different solar panels on his own RV. His HQST flex panels have recently failed on him, after I believe it was 3 years. It will be great to see the install video when the 2x110W SunPower E-Flex panels go up on his RV roof and we're confident they will hold up over time and continue to outperform the competition.

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