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Sunshine & Solar at the Annapolis Sail Boat Show

It is only now that we are back home that Katie and I are finding the time to look back on what was a very busy 5 days at the Annapolis Sail Boat Show. There was no better place to launch a business and it felt like an exceptionally busy show this year, especially with the beautiful fall weather. Honestly, I don't think we stopped talking and it felt like we were one of the busiest booths in the show! Trust me we are not complaining, it was great to meet so many nice people and just chat about sailing, going solar aboard, and answer a lot of really good questions.

We met people across the solar spectrum (no punn intended!) from the Bay sailor that wanted a small panel to top up their batteries whilst on a mooring (or on the hard for winter) to those cruisers that had already been venturing offshore with solar for 15 years+ and their old fixed panels were due for an upgrade.

A couple of good points to pass on that we learned during the Boat Show were that a lot of people were unaware of the Federal Solar Tax Credit that is available. Basically your boat, if it is US registered and has a head, galley and a bunk, can be classed as a second home (or even for a lot of people it is their first home) and as such can be eligible for the 30% credit on the total solar system cost. Check out our Solar Tax Credit page for more detailed info and don't forget to check if there is a State solar Tax Credit available too

For those visitors that purchased SunPower flexible solar panels at the show, we would love to stay in touch, so please send us photos of your install and let us know how much better it is sailing with sun! Disconnect from the dock, and enjoy those silent sunsets with your new solar panels keeping your batteries charged.

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